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InTheBite in Hawaii

 photo by Carol Lynne

Photo by Carol Lynne on Marlin Magic II

Aloha All, After writing for InTheBite magazine for the over 11 years,  I am extremely happy to announce  InTheBite editor Dale Wills and I are attempting our very  best to bring more attention to the sportfishing industry in Hawaii – one of the world’s greatest fishing destinations.  With Dale’s blessing, I am excited to have the  opportunity to write a regular blog highlighting and promoting  the exceptional charter boat captains and crews that fish Hawaiian waters.  InTheBite takes great pride in the  niche it has carved out for itself and remains dedicated to professional fishermen, owners, captains and crews. My experiences with the captains and crews in Kona have convinced me that it would be an injustice the the world’s fishing community if these hard working  captains and crews did not get the regular attention other fishing hot spots (particularly in the United States ) do. This new blog, along with the newly formed Captain of the Year Cup  Hawaii Division, will  hopefully shed more light on this top- class fishery.  As a former south Florida charter boat captain, with offshore experience ranging from the mid Atlantic and throughout the Bahamas, I became infatuated with Kona, Hawaii the first time I fished there. We became so hooked on the fishing  that  my wife and I decided to move there. Hopefully, readers will get hooked too when then see what regularly takes place in Hawaii. Mahalo, Mark Johnston

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