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616 Blue Marlin Release Record And Counting

July 14, 2014 Update: Another fantastic trip in the books!  The fish were very frisky again this week, pouncing on live baits and pitch baits with reckless abandon!  While it was a little “slower” this week, we managed to maintain a 15 fish per day release average over 4 days of fishing, plus we scored a slam with a sail, a striper, and two blues on the way back to the dock yesterday.  Trip totals are – July 9th we released 14 from 16 bites  tagged 7, saw 20 July 10th we released 13 from 17 bites  tagged 11, saw 25 July 11th we released 17 from 22 bites tagged 15, and saw 25 July 12th we released 17 from 22 bites tagged 14, saw 30 July 13 (travel day) we released 2 form 2 bites, plus caught a sail and a stripe for the slam and tagged both blues. Season totals now stand at – Days fished 71 (Feb – July 2014) Raised  1,025 Bites 849 Releases 616 (and counting!!!) TBF Tags Placed  437 We’re back at it again tmrw afternoon so we’ll keep ya posted! Capt Josh Temple 2014 Fishing for just 61 days out of Los Suenos, Costa Rica, the Carol Libby team released 430 blue marlin, tagging 310 of them with TBF tags. The team, fishing from their 60-foot Spencer/ACY custom, turned in some incredible numbers from February through June of 2014. Using bait and switch, live bait and lures, they raised 754 and had bites from 614 of those marlin, resulting in their 430 releases. Congratulations to Capt. Josh Temple and the team on a new one-season blue marlin release record. libbycrew marlin


Left to right deckhand Tony Carpenter, angler Keith Brandner, Capt Josh Temple, deckhand Andrea McQuade, deck boss James Brown, owner/angler Mr. Greg Brandner.


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