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Carol Libby Record Ends At 884


Here’s the latest from Captain Josh Temple as the Carol Libby team ends a record pursuit of marlin fishing in the Pacific fad fishery off Costa Rica. “That’s a wrap folks! What an amazing run it has been. I simply can’t say enough about our crew James “Jimmy” Brown, Andrea McQuade, and Tony Carpenter you guys have worked your arse’s off this past season and the results speak for themselves. Thanks to Greg and Keith Brandner for making it all possible, here’s the numbers from our last week of fishing – August 3rd Raised 25, 14 releases for 22 bites, tagged 10. August 4th Raised 25, released 18 for 21 bites, tagged 11 August 6th Raised 35, released 22 from 28 bites, tagged 16 August 7th Raised 18, released 13 from 16 bites, tagged 7 August 8th Raised 10, released 5 from 9 bites, tagged 2 August 9th Raised 2, released 1 from 1 bite, tagged 1 August 12th Raised 15, released 10 from 12, tagged 4 August 13th Raised 15, released 9 from 15, tagged 4 And here’s our total numbers from the season – Days fished 91 (Feb – August 2014) Raised 1,470 Bites 1,218 Releases 884 TBF Tags Placed 589 Thanks to everyone for your support and to our sponsors for making the best gear out there. There’s little time to sit back and relax and enjoy the memories as our giant bluefin tuna season in Nova Scotia is right around the corner. Until next time amigos, enjoy it out there!” JT Capt Josh Temple

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