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2014 Billfish Tagging Winners


The tag and release reports are in and the results have finally be tallied. This year was truly a record year for billfish anglers and for TBF Tag & Release Program. Below are some of the top anglers and captains from across the world at the apex of this amazing sport. Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see everyone at our awards ceremony on Friday, February 13 in the Treetop Ballroom at Jungle Island during the 2015 Miami International Boat Show. See below for more information. Winners are asked to RSVP for the event by Monday January 12. Every year, The Billfish Foundation (TBF) recognizes the captains, mates and anglers (including youth and ladies) who tag and release the most billfish in each of the world oceans. The competition is categorized by billfish species, ocean, and whether the fish were tagged or released untagged.  Award winners are recognized at TBF Annual Tag & Release Awards Ceremony held during the Miami International Boat Show presented by the TBF 2014 Tag and Release Sponsors: Bisbee Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund, Casa Vieja Lodge, Costa Sunglasses, PELAGIC, King Sailfish Mounts and SIMRAD. The Billfish Foundation Annual Tag and Release Ceremony will be held Friday, February 13, 2015, in the Treetop Ballroom at Jungle Island. The evening will kick off at 6:30 PM with cocktails followed by the award presentation and dinner. Proceeds benefit TBF tag and release program. Get your tickets for the 2015 Tag & Release Award Ceremony here. Please note that for all anglers, captains and mates to receive their awards they must be current TBF members. You can join or renew your memberships online. Overall Release Captain Chris Van Leeuwen Overall Tagging Captain Chris Sheeder Overall Release Angler Pat McCotter Overall Tagging Angler Keith Brandner Overall Release Lady Angler Tiffany Sisolak Overall Tagging Lady Angler Sandra MacMillan Overall Release Youth Angler Gregory Benn Overall Tagging Youth Angler Shawn MacMullin


Top Tagging Angler- Atlantic OceanBlue Marlin

Gray Ingram Sailfish Kasey Swan Swordfish Matt Bierley White Marlin Laurent Sahyoun Top Release Angler- Atlantic Ocean Blue Marlin Gray Ingram Sailfish Gray Ingram White Marlin Gregory Benn Top Tagging Captain- Atlantic Ocean Blue Marlin Ronnie Fields Sailfish Fin Gaddy Swordfish Mark Pagano White Marlin Christian Benazeth Top Release Captain- Atlantic Ocean Blue Marlin Ronnie Fields Sailfish Dean Panos White Marlin John Mumford


Top Tagging Angler- Pacific OceanBlack Marlin

Brady Wild Blue Marlin Keith Brandner Sailfish Darryl Schroeder Striped Marlin Robert Hendricks Top Release Angler- Pacific Ocean Black Marlin Barry Alty Blue Marlin Pat McCotter Sailfish Bill Easum Striped Marlin John Jack Duvall Swordfish John Gregory Top Tagging Captain- Pacific Ocean Black Marlin Tim Richardson Blue Marlin Josh Temple Sailfish Chris Sheeder Spearfish Gene Vander Hoek Striped Marlin Jaime Gonzalez Top Release Captain- Pacific Ocean Black Marlin Brett Alty Blue Marlin Pete Rae SailfishChris Van Leeuwen Striped Marlin Chris Bays Swordfish John Gregory


Top Tagging Angler Indian OceanBlack Marlin

Scott MacGowan Sailfish Jo-Ann Riley Top Release Angler Indian Ocean Black Marlin Murray Teasdale Sailfish Henry Riggs-Miller Top Tagging Captain- Indian Ocean Black Marlin Eddy Lawler Blue Marlin Eddy Lawler Sailfish Jourdain Ellens Striped Marlin Eddy Lawler Top Release Captain Indian Ocean Black Marlin Eddy Lawler Blue Marlin Ross Newton Sailfish Rolly Pierre Youth Tag Divisions 8 and Under Charles Gaddy & Kyler Swan (TIE) Runner-up Caden Alexander 9-10 Aidan Burke Runner-up Kasey Ray Swan 11-12 Kaleb Richardson 13-15 Shawn MacMullin Runner-up Bo Ingram 16-17 Nick Brackmann Youth Release Divisions 8 and under Brown Gaddy 11-12 Jonathan Gaskill 13 15 Bo Ingram Runner-up- Shawn MacMullin 16-17 Gregory Benn Runner-up Curtis Englert


Gulf of Mexico Marlin Tagging Competition

Top Tagging Captain Blue Marlin Al Roper Michi Top Tagging Captain White Marlin Don Thrasher Business Interruption Top Overall Tagging Captain -Jimmy Crochet Conundrum Top Overall Tagging Boat Conundrum Capt. Jimmy Crochet

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