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Improved Fisherman’s Knot

The Improved Fisherman Knot

Skill Level (2 star) Courtesy of Captain Johnny Fulgueira While sitting around the dock discussing different techniques, Captain Fulgueira pulled out a previously published copy of Unplugged (Vol 2 Edition 6 with the improved Fisherman Knot) and wanted to show us his version of the improved Fisherman Knot. He stated that his variety was 100% strength claiming it is much smaller in diameter and less bulky.


Now take your tag end and insert it through the loop around the hook eye


Re-insert your tag end back through the opening loop as pictured.


Pull thru


Pull the tag end tight but be sure to moisten the knot prior to closing

  pic-6 This is what the finished knot should look like. Notice the small diameter of the knot. (We apologize for the blur)

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