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Pending #2 lb World Record–LnZE?rel=0&w=640&h=360

Copy_Spear_GalMay 2015 Pending a line test from the IGFA, ultralight angler Gary Carter of Atlanta, Georgia  added a new 2 lb test world record to his resume on May 3rd off Kona, Hawaii by catching a 35.5 lb shortbill spearfish. Carter who already holds the 6 lb record for shortbill spearfish, also tied the 4 lb record by catching with a 34.5 shortbill spearfish a couple days prior to catching the 2 lb pending record.  Hence, Carter now holds the 6 lb, has tied the 4 lb, and has a 2 lb pending world record for this species – a remarkable feat ! In pursuit of making IGFA history,  Carter ironically caught the world record spear with Captain Jason Holtz on the 38′ Ricky Scarbrough Pursuit, along with Ryan O’Halloran and OB Morton as crew. Carter and his wife Sherrell, who both hold numerous ultralight records, booked Holtz for two weeks to specifically target spearfish on 2 lb and 4 lb test, and blue marlin under 500 on 8 lb and blues over 500 on 16 lb. To date, Sherrell attempting to best the women’s blue marlin record of 180 lbs has fought several blues on 8 lb, but so far the marlin have won those battles. A seasoned veteran of big game fishing, Holtz so far has raised 18 blue marlin and 12 spearfish over the charter for the two expert anglers. The pending record 2 lb test spearfish was  teased up with a Koya bullet lure and then switched to a scaled down version of a Panama belly bait on the 2 lb with a 14’11 foot 130 lb amilan leader. InTheBite would like to congratulate all involved in this notable catch. For more information, please contact Capt Jason Holtz [email protected] On another note- The bite has been hot in Kona and looks like a awesome tournament season lies ahead. Marlin, spearfish, ahi, ono and mahi mahi flags are getting sun bleached up and down the docks from being raised so often. The awesome bite here,  new world records, granders caught every month of the year, and easy access to and from the mainland – are prime examples of why Kona, Hawaii is one of the greatest fishing destinations in the world. Aloha, Mark Johnston