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A Good Cobia Season

Better Late Than Never Featured June Edition 2016 Our hope of a good cobia run was starting to look bleak. March was lame with just a few scattered fish here and there. It was certainly nothing to get excited about. The first part of April, however, the conditions were right, and the water was warm enough. Then we had a lot of rain– which turns our normally crystal clear water very dirty and hard to see through. We were still picking a few fish but it was not looking good. Then, the third week of April, things turned around fast. The fish started to show up in droves. I started thinking, Well, better late than never! We had lots of boats catching their limits, before releasing more fish. These fish were not a bad grade either; 40- to 50-pound class fish seemed to be the average size. An 87-pounder is the largest Ive heard of this season, with several 60- to 70-pound fish caught also. Im hoping that the cobias month late arrival will make them stick around a bit longer too, as they continue their westward migration. These fish are hungry, too. The bait of choice is live eel. I call them mud eels. Im not sure of the scientific name, but I do know the cobias love them. Theyre also eating the heck out of the Frank Helton ding-a-ling jig! Contact Mo Helton ph: 850-978-0760 if youd like one of these. It shaping up to be a good cobia season! Definitely better than last year! Some boats that are willing to make the long run to the southwest, and spend the night, are crushing the yellowfin tuna. Theyre catching 100- to 140-pound class fish. They are savage for both chunking and live bait. Ill keep you posted on the summer time blue marlin bite. It started out last year with a bang, but tapered off. Still, overall it was not a bad blue marlin bite for the Northern Gulf. Im getting great reports from friends blue marlin fishing in the DR and Costa Rica. They are definitely In The Bite! It all good this spring in the Northern Gulf. Keep it tight! ”That my two minute warning. Fraz screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-2-08-15-pm Subscribe or Order a Back Issue Today. Click Here

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