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Help Buccaneer Marina and Tell Sailfish Marina NO

We’re fighting to ensure The Buccaneer Marina’s future and to honor its past.

The marina’s dock was built 60 years ago in 1958. Since its earliest days, sport fishing boats and yachts have filled the Buccaneer Marina slips.

Join us in Telling Sailfish Marina NO! to a north dock expansion that would create a navigational hazard and NO! to any attempts to monopolize the area’s waterfront.

Sailfish Marina seeks to be an island monopoly, a marina that caters only to mega-yachts, controls the price of fuel and dockage, and eliminates nearby competition.

A part of the $60 billion international American Financial Group, Sailfish Marina is threatening Buccaneer Marina in the courts, and in state agencies.

For more

details on the Buccaneer future plans, the obstacles ahead, and what you can do to help, head over to Tell Sailfish Marina NO Facebook page.