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Hilton’s Expand Chlorophyll Shot Options

Thomas J. Hilton– Last fall, the NASA server went down for a couple of weeks which left us without any chlorophyll shots during that time. After listening to feedback from our customers, I directed our techs to expand our chlorophyll images to ensure this doesn’t happen again!

When you click on the chlorophyll button, you will see 4 options – simply click on the best/latest shot and it will pull up with full functionality. The upper left image is our original chlorophyll (NASA Modis Aqua), the upper right is the same image from but from the NOAA server (in case the NASA server goes down again). The lower left is NASA Modis Terra and the lower right is NASA VIIRS. So, now we have 2 different servers, and 3 separate satellites shooting at different times of the day to provide the most coverage possible!

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