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A Better Way to Dock Box: The Front Loading TR2

Dock boxes are wonderfully practical, but hefting tall or heavy equipment in and out can be a struggle. With Better Way Products TR2, loading and unloading is as easy as raising the lid and swinging open the hinged front door. It ideal for everything from a 40-gallon trash bin to a standard scuba tank. Like all dock boxes from Better Way Products, the TR2 is built in the USA with marine-grade fiberglass with an average thickness of 3/16. Sandwich core construction and protruded walls provide unsurpassed strength. The TR2 utilizes premium quality components.

Its full-length piano hinge, door hinges, lockable hasp and cable stays are all stainless steel and secured with oversized, rustproof rivets. Th e TR2 UV-resistant, smooth-as-glass gelcoat finish rivals that of exclusive yachts. It available in white, gray and tan. With nearly 10.5 sq. ft. of interior space, the TR2 can accommodate a lot of gear. Yet at 27 W x 27 D x 36 H, it has a compact footprint. Weighing in at 50-pounds, the TR2 is easily managed by one person, but heavy enough to withstand a strong breeze without shifting if empty. It costs $647.

Better Way Products is one of the oldest and largest fiberglass manufacturers in the US. It produces over 30 unique dock boxes and steps to fit any need and complement any marine d.cor. For more, visit

The Next Evolution in Bait Preparation: Krazy Bait Brine

Flavor Delite, Inc., market leader in seasonings and prepared spices announces it will begin distributing Krazy Kosher Salt and Krazy Bait Brine for the sportfishing market. Expanding the reach of our company and entering the fishing industry is very exciting to me personally as this is a sport that I am very passionate about, said Flavor Delite CEO David Anderson. This allows us to leverage the size and scale of our core business, Jane Krazy Mixed Seasonings, and bring to the sportfishing industry, new and exciting innovation in packaging and product knowledge. I am positive, once people give it a try, they will see why it has a proven tournament winning track record.

I have been fishing my entire life, and the Krazy Kosher Salt and Krazy Bait Brine is the best I have ever used, by far! said Keith Greenberg, Captain of Krazy Salts. Since joining the company ten plus years ago, we have had long conversations, and tried many different types of salt and brines until we formulated this product.

What makes Krazy Brine a better bait solution? Existing brines are commonly diluted with fl our and other fillers, decreasing their potency. Krazy Kosher Salt and Krazy Bait Brine are mixed with performance in mind. The difference shows in the bait box and in the performance of trolled baits. With all the care (and money) that goes into filling your bait box, dredges, and rigged baits, why sacrifice on the brine? Both the Kosher Salt and Brine will begin shipping to the finest tackle shops and marinas throughout the world in June 2019. In addition, you can order online or simply contact 856-291-0400,

Fire Tailz: Innovative Strip Bait Dredge Solution

The best fisherman have known the benefits of using strip baits for years. Fire Tailz introduces the lightest, easiest pulling, best swimming dredge bait on the market. Fire Tailz are an innovative, patentpending strip bait that is designed to boost your dredge game, while making it simpler, easier and less cumbersome. The patent pending gill design utilizes water flow dynamics to create an extremely realistic swimming action unlike anything on the market. Minimal drag means you can stack your dredge, creating the effect of a more dense school of baitfish. Break less dredges and catch more fish! For more, visit

Rust Inhibiting Tackle Storage from Plano

The Plano Rustrictor Stowaway is the first of its kind. Using advanced technology, Plano has engineered a tackle storage system that blocks rust and stops corrosion 5x longer than a standard tackle box. Completely infused into the storage boxes, the rust stopping compound resides throughout the entire container. Unlike competitors that use a few molded inserts to fight rust, Rustrictor provides 360 degrees of complete protection against rust for up to five times longer than competitors. Developed with Armor Protective Packaging, an industry leader in corrosion management, Plano Rustrictor uses the world best Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor.

Once closed, the box fills up the stowaway interior with VCI vapor. VCI ions attract to metals creating a wall of protection that is only a few molecules thick and stops rust before it can start. Rustrictor always protects and never leaves a film, residue or odor on the surface of tackle. Gone are the days of a spray-in solution that lets fish know something amiss. With the protection built right into the Stowaway box there is no maintenance, no worry about having the dividers in place and more wasted money on rusted and damaged tackle.

The Rustrictor Stowaways are available in seven of the best-selling models from 3500 to 3700 sizes, making them perfect for handling and protecting all terminal tackle and hard bait needs. For more, visit