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Before technology took over every aspect of our daily lives, the most prominent sportfishing tournaments around the world relied on trained observers to validate

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With today’s high-tech center consoles, multi-day trips are becoming more prevalent as the load carrying capability, range, and creature comforts continue to improve. Planning

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The Carolina Billfish Classic, part of the South Carolina Governor's Cup, concluded June 25 with The Blue Sky winning first place. In second was the Showtime,

Owning a boat is undoubtedly expensive and that last check you sign before driving your new boat home is just the tip of the

When I was young, my father gave me some great advice: Let the tool do the work. I was probably yanking on a hook

On May 31, 12-year-old Elizabeth Arn reeled in a 624-pound blue marlin off the coast of São Vicente, Cape Verde. Her catch will mark