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In August of 2022, Brandon Carney headed offshore out of Morehead City, North Carolina, on a revenge mission. It was his second attempt at

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The Daiwa Saltiga 20000 provides unmatched reel engineering and design, with an astonishing drag system that smoothly applies up to 66 pounds of pressure

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The Blue Marlin Grand Championship debuted at The Wharf in Orange Beach in July of 2012. A Work of Art won the inaugural tournament

The Beaufort Grocery Company can be found tucked away inside of Beaufort Inlet, and two minutes away from Beaufort docks. It’s here that anglers

The subject of shark predation comes up frequently in conversation these days. Many people believe that because of increased conservation measures like bans on

A hobby is something that a person does for relaxation and enjoyment. That may be an accurate description for some, but I’m thinking for