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Viking 82′ Hull Production

Every Viking yacht is an outstanding example of what it means to say, “Made in America.” And as an American company we are proud not only of our shipwrights and the amazing Viking yachts they build, but also keen on the fact that this message is carried around the globe to the finest and often most remote reaches of the world where superb fishing and cruising grounds abound. 92bag In light of the upcoming July 4th Independence Day celebration in honor of America’s birthday, we could not help but notice how much red, white and blue plays in our everyday life. Massively impressive, the snow white hull of this Viking 82 Convertible appears formidable and powerful as it is prepped to join the production line. As a dedicated team from Viglass readies this Viking 62 Convertible hull for its formal date with our resin infusion process, the blue vacuum bag material plays a critical role. Red pigment catalyst is used in the custom blended polyester resin for structural laminations including topsides, like this deckhouse for the new Viking 52 Open/Sport Tower. Viking Yachts: Built in America with experience and pride. 92bridge 92hull

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