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Tackle Tips

If you’ve spent any length of time pulling trolling lures in search of blue marlin, you probably have a few overflowing plastic bins full

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We recently caught up with Capt. Randy Baker on the Dacia with two new boat tips for anyone who wants to make their offshore

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Capt. Bill Buckland, Fisherman Center Supplies Needed: L-Bar, 250 lb mono, 11/0 circle hooks, three-way swivel, deep drop gang rig and sash weight. The L-Bar is

Planer fishing is an effective way to target wahoo. Traditional systems utilize a planer that is permanently fixed to the line. In this case,

2004 Throwback #9175 J-Hook Rig Mate David Chambers 64-foot Spencer, Cabana Skill Level: **** Supplies needed: Small ballyhoo with eyes removed, 1/8th ounce sinker, #9175 6/0 Mustad