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Please take one minute today to email your members of Congress this new pre-written letter regarding NOAA Fisheries’ proposed 10-knot vessel speed restrictions in

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The 2023 Viking Key West Challenge (VKWC) was an absolute smash hit. Presented by Christi Insurance Group and Travelers Insurance, the ninth annual event

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If youre ready for the ultimate level of sportfishing, meaning traveling, plan now to see what the fishing world has to offer. Chances are

The Azores have been a part of blue marlin lore for a couple of decades now. However, the archipelago remote location approximately 850 miles

On May 31, 12-year-old Elizabeth Arn reeled in a 624-pound blue marlin off the coast of São Vicente, Cape Verde. Her catch will mark

North Carolina anglers take note”starting January 1, 2020, anyone recreationally fishing off the state's Atlantic coast will now be required to use circle hooks