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InTheBite Media Kit

“In The Bite” is a term used by professional boat captains to describe fishing success in terms of how many “bites” are produced on a given day. The publication’s point of difference lies in the quality and scope of its content. The InTheBite brand of print and electronic media is committed to providing timely news, useful and substantive content to professional captains, boat owners, crew and anglers. This commitment results in a strong following in the professional sportfishing community and extensive market penetration.


  • A professional captain is to a $2 million fishing investment what a Charles Schwab advisor is to an investment portfolio.
  • InTheBite is the only magazine of its kind. It is equal parts fishing magazine (where to fish, how to fish); trade publication (lifestyle and career development), and; technical resource for boat ownership (maintenance, operation, and employment of crew).
  • Those who hire professional captains and crews are greatly influenced by their expertise.
  • A captain’s budget is the boat’s budget.
  • Print magazines experience long shelf life aboard boats—a copy of InTheBite may be found on most vessels.
  • InTheBite’s magazine content doesn’t expire.
  • InTheBite is distributed to more tournaments than any other magazine.