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Foolproof Dredge Security

Dredge Security
  • Capt. Tim Richardson
  • Ambush/Tradition
  • Skill Level: 2 Stars
  • Product Improvement Level: High

Supplies Needed: 400-pound Mono and Crimps Not too many things can make a captain (and deckhand) stomach turn for the worse that when a fine-tuned tournament dredge disappears into the abyss. The time and effort it takes to prepare is hours in the making and not to mention the hundreds of dollars invested. This tip is a result of a misfortune which occurred behind the Ambush when an eyebolt in the dredge weight came out and the dredge disappeared overboard. To add a level of security, Capt. Tim Richardson crimps a section of mono onto the cable loops holding the dredge weight (as pictured). Next time the unthinkable happens, you can still retrieve your dredge.

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