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2 Days & 2 NC Giants

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On New Year’s Day, Jason and Hunter Davis started off the year by landing a 785-pound bluefin tuna just outside Beaufort Inlet off Morehead City, North Carolina. For most anglers that would be the accomplishment of a lifetime, but the Davis team followed up on January 2 with an equally amazing catch-just 12 minutes outside the inlet, they hooked and landed, after a four hour battle, a 767 pound bluefin! Both fish were caught on ballyhoo baits towed on 80-pound-class rigs, notable because giant bluefins usually require 130’s for success. The Davis family was aboard their 33-foot, Grady-White called the Grady Bunch. And yes, it has a tuna door. Note that bluefins are under an international rebuilding plan, and it appears the western stock, which is found in the Gulf of Mexico and along the east coast of the U.S., is apparently rebuilding; ICCAT, the international fisheries management agency, increased the western stock quota from 1,750 metric tons to 2,000 in November of 2014. Read the full story in North Carolina Sportsman here: – See more at:

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