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New Spectra HT Braid

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Honeywell announced the launch of Spectra® HT high tenacity fiber, the newest generation of high-strength Spectra fiber and the world strongest fishing-line material of its size. Shimano, makers of the popular PowerPro®, will be the first fishing-line manufacturer to use the Spectra® HT in its new product. The PowerPro Maxcuatroâ„¢ with Spectra® HT will be presented at the Bassmaster Classic on February 20. With the introduction of Spectra® HT, Honeywell has set a new standard for strength in braided super-line material. Made from the same material that stops bullets and protects police officers and military personnel, Spectra® HT is 25 percent stronger than equivalent-size competitive materials, enabling up to 30 percent thinner braided fishing lines. Anglers can cast more easily, get more line onto their reel or use a lighter reel without sacrificing line strength or length. Fishing lines made with Spectra® HT are also abrasion-resistant and less visible under water, so anglers can catch more fish.

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