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SeaKeeper For Center Consoles

The Contender 35 ST made a splash by becoming Seakeeper’s new demo boat and the first vessel to have a Seakeeper 3DC – the first battery-powered Seakeeper! While sea trialing in the ultimate weather conditions – 3 foot significant wave height, winds at 15 knots with gusts up to 30 knots and a NOAA small craft advisory in effect – the Seakeeper 3DC produced a 94% reduction in roll! Deep V hull forms offer a great ride while underway, but can suffer inherent instability at slow speed or rest. The sea trial of the Contender 35 ST demonstrated that by adding a Seakeeper you can remove the principal drawback to deep V hull forms.  3.37.30 PM In addition to being the first battery-powered Seakeeper, this unit also broke convention with its method of installation. The Seakeeper 3DC was able to be installed at deck level, under the leaning post. This new method of installation adds flexibility and provides a less costly and intrusive refit option, specifically in center consoles. 3.39.11 PM “The results of the sea trials are simply astounding,” said Andrew Semprevivo, Seakeeper VP of sales and marketing. “And to be able to demonstrate the gyro’s versatility in placement and power source is a real game-changer within the industry.”  3.41.01 PM On sale now, the Seakeeper 3DC targets 30-40 foot vessels, up to 10 tons, and runs solely off DC power. It is now possible to achieve a safe, stable and comfortable platform on the water, while underway or at rest, without the need for a generator! The Seakeeper 3DC matches the popular Seakeeper 5 in size, weight, and a retail price of $29,900. The first units will ship in June. 3.42.06 PM A special thanks our partners SBB Design and Viking Yacht Center for their expertise in helping make this installation possible. Interested in feeling the magic of Seakeeper yourself? Click HERE to learn more about the Seakeeper demo program and to schedule a ride. For questions or to request additional information on the Seakeeper 3DC, email [email protected].    

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