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2016 World Wide Captain of the Year Rankings

The World Wide Captain of the Year Rankings showcase the top tournament finishers in 2016. Weve compiled the top 35 captains this year, each of whom scored more than 500 points (the equivalent of winning one tournament). To be featured on the list, captains must be skilled, consistent and dedicated. The 35 names below are as good a group of tournament captains as you will find anywhere. Congratulations to all.

  1. Jon Duffie, Agitator/ Billfisher, 2450 Points
  2. Tom Lynskey, Uno Mas, 2150 Points Capt.
  3. Victor Julio Lopez, Tranquilo, 2100 Points
  4. Kerwin Masunaga, Rod Bender, 1500 Points
  5. Scott Fawcett, Off the Chain (Trust Me Too/Martha D), 1300 Points
  6. Cragin Curtis, Reel Addiction, 1250 Points
  7. Rob Ellyn, Lightspeed, 1100 Points
  8. Devin Potts, Sea Mixer, 1100 Points
  9. Luis Coll, Utopia, 1050 Points
  10. Kevin (KP) Paul, Lo Que Sea, 1050 Points
  11. Joey Birbeck, You Never Know, 1000 Points
  12. Jimmy Crochet, Conundrum, 1000 Points
  13. Harvey Shiflet, Anticipation, 1000 Points
  14. Jeff Shoults, Mollie, 1000 Points
  15. Myles Colley, Born2Run, 900 Points
  16. John Dudas, Sandman, 900 Points
  17. Dennis Endee, A-Salt Weapon, 900 Points
  18. Ben Horning, Fish Tank, 900 Points
  19. Bobby Garmany, Sportin Life, 850 Points
  20. Billy Gerlach, Makara, 800 Points
  21. Al Gustavson, Topshape, 800 Points
  22. Jason Hallmark, Rise Up, 800 Points
  23. Mark Rogers, Rascal, 800 Points
  24. Nick Verture, Seamaster, 800 Points
  25. Dan Woody, Syked Out, 800 Points
  26. B.C. Angel, Sea Angel, 700 Points
  27. Wink Doerzbacher, Showtime!, 700 Pts.
  28. Nate Benz, Two Cats, 600 Points
  29. Capt Boyd De Coito, Foxy Lady, 600 Points
  30. Quinton Q Dieterle, Contender One, 600 Points
  31. Hunter Forbes, Pour Intentions, 600 Points
  32. John Lagrone, Pelese, 600 Points
  33. Marlin Parker, Marlin Magic II, 600 Points
  34. Daniel Spencer, Bullwinkle, 600 Points
  35. Ty Valli, Reel Quest, 600 Points

The 2016 World Wide Captain Rankings featured three captains who separated themselves from the competition. Congratulations to Captain Jon Duffie of the Agitator/ Billfisher who compiled a total of 2,450 points in the East Coast and International Division to take home top honors. Second place was Captain Tommy Lynskey of the Uno Mas who tallied a total of 2,150 points winning tournaments on the east coast and throughout the Caribbean last year.

Captain Tommy Lynskey of the Uno Mas is the 2016 World Wide Ranking Champion

Captain Tommy Lynskey of the Uno Mas wins second place in the 2016 World Wide Ranking. 

Here is the breakdown: Captain Jon Duffie”1,550 points in the international division, 900 points in the east coast division. Captain Tommy Lynskey”1,650 points in the international division. 500 points in the east coast division. Finishing third with 2,100 points– and 2016 International Division Captain of the Year, was Captain Victor Julio Lopez of the Tranquilo. Incredible fishing, congratulations to Lynskey, Duffie, Lopez and all of the captains on the list. This is quite an achievement.    

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