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The Adios, a 52, would be the last G&S boat ever splashed. The boat owner, Mr. Clint Hixson of Lake Charles, Louisiana, purchased the hull from the Campbell family in 2015. The boat was commissioned by multiple world record holder Stewart Campbell, though he would pass before its completion. Hixson purchased the hull and set out to build the boat he had dreamed of since he was a child. I went into the G&S factory in Destin as a kid with my father. The Hooker and the Makaira were being built side by side it was 1983. Ive wanted a G&S boat ever since, Hixson says. I bought the hull in 2015 and went in with Buddy and Steve to customize the design. When we started, I thought I knew something about boats¦I found out very quickly that I didnt, Clint says with a laugh. It was an absolute privilege to work with those two gentlemen. This would ultimately be the last boat G&S ever built. Steve Sauer was working on the boat until right before he passed away. Steve was a perfectionist and was great to work with, Clint describes. Buddy Gentry is a gentleman. He would want to give all the credit to Steve, but you really couldnt build a boat with a better pair. I wanted to build a boat that I could run myself and fish with my family. A 52 seemed about right. Originally, I was going to name it Country Girl, Hixson recalls. After Sauer passing, Hixson visited the factory. G&S had some shirts made up that said ˜G&S Boats 1973-2018. Adios. That made an impression on Hixson and led his decision to provide a fitting tribute to a company and group of people that leave an indelible impact on the sportfishing landscape. I asked Buddy if it was alright with him if I named the boat, Adios. He said he would like that… More than anything, this boat is a chance to give back to my father, Edley Hixson. He gave me the love of fishing and boats and none of this would be possible without him, Clint says. In fact, Clint informed his father of the boat purchase by tossing him the keys. The Hixson family and Captain Flash Clark plan to fish the boat around Florida and the Gulf Coast. If you happen to see the boat, you are seeing a piece of history. The boat name is a fitting tribute to its pedigree and though it has just splashed, it already has a story more interesting than most ever will. Do you have any comments or questions for us? We’d love to hear from you.