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Tackle Tip Showcase From Jose “Poncho” Brenes and Steven Fallas, on the Sea Fly

Jose Poncho Brenes and Steven Fallas, now captain on the Reel Fly, have been accustomed to keeping an organized and steady flow of baits when fishing the seamounts off Costa Rica. The following are a few tricks of the trade that worked well in the past.

1. Green ILAND Cruiser Lure over a Small Yellowfin Teaser

Poncho and Steven rig a fresh-caught yellowfin with 300 lb. mono and copper wire accompanied with a green ILAND lure over the nose. The Green color skirt is one of the most productive colors in Costa Rica. Just add a fresh yellowfin and slow troll around a seamount and prepare for an insane marlin bite.

2. Nose Rigged Yellowfin

Here is a typical seamount yellowfin rigged with a circle hook securely flossed to the nose. While some mates prefer to adhere a circle-hook on the outside of the bait’s nose”Poncho likes a more rigid hook placement which decreases the chance of the hook fouling.

3. Concealed Carry”The Hidden Tuna Tubes

The 43 Maverick Sea Fly is also equipped with live-bait tubes on each side of the cockpit. With the lids closed the tubes are concealed under the covering boards making them virtually invisible. The custom engraving is a nice touch by Maverick Boats.

4. Fillet Tip

Filleting fish can be an arduous task for some, especially when you dont do it all the time. However, seasoned deckhands are accustomed to filleting fish on a daily basis. Pancho incorporates a very simple but very handy step when cutting the aft section of the fish. Simply cut a horizontal slit in the tail (as pictured) and then use the cut as an aid to by putting your fingers through it providing an excellent grip.