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On This Day: First Ever Albino Marlin Released off Costa Rica

This was originally published March 12, 2014

Capt. Daniel Espinoza doesn’t take many days off during the charter season but on March 12, 2014 he turned over the Spanish Fly to his backup captain, Juan Carlos Fallas. In the cockpit were mates Carlos Espinoza and Robert Salinas along with clients Bob and Karen Weaver. And they would return to Los Suenos Resort Marina with a heck of a fish story. They hooked and successfully released a blue marlin that was nearly snow-white. According to the IGFA, this isn’t a true albino though but rather a leucistic, which means a reduction in pigmentation. “The shape and size of this marlin’s dorsal and pectoral fins clearly indicate that it’s a blue marlin even though it’s not blue at all. The eye color, black, rather than red or pink also indicates that this marlin is leucistic rather than albino,” they said. The angler, Karen Weaver, has been fishing for 40 years out of Montauk; the Weavers own the We-Go at Montauk Marine Basin. She says, “The best news is that this great marlin was released alive and well off Costa Rica.” For more information on Maverick Yachts and Maverick Sportfishing Tours, visit