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Destinations: Bermuda Blues

Bermuda blue 700-lbs

When I say, There nothing like it, Im specifically talking about Bermuda. In my experience, everything about this mid-Atlantic archipelago is great. Exuding elegance and old-world charm, this British overseas territory boasts five-star accommodations of hotels, marinas, golf courses, restaurants and more. The people are friendly, and the atmosphere is virtually crime free. On top of all this, the fishing is decidedly world-class. Every day you have the chance of catching the fish of a lifetime. Ive had the opportunity of taking two different boats to Bermuda. It didnt take long for me to consider it at the top of my list of favorite places to be, and fish. One thing is for sure, if you are interested in going on your own bottom, then you better plan ahead because slips are limited. Bermuda is certainly not a spot you decide to visit on a whim because chances are the marinas will be full. Slip reservations are often made months in advance of the main billfish season, which extends from June to August. [% oiopub-banner-26-center %] The first time we arrived by boat we were welcomed with open arms and it was an instant friendship. The locals were eager to help by making sure that I knew how to navigate the passage from Hamilton out to the banks. Everywhere out there, treacherous and peppered reefs lie just inches from the surface. One mistake could end your season, if not worse. A friendly local captain offered to guide me out and show me the cut so I could punch in the coordinates for safe navigation. He also advised me where to fish and how to fish Bermuda storied waters. Ive been to a lot of places and can say with certainty that these fishermen go above and beyond in making certain visitors have wonderful experiences. It a pleasure being in Bermuda and largely due to the good-natured locals. The tournaments are also some of the best youll ever fish. From the kick-off banquets, to the last day of fishing, everybody wins! I wish we were heading to Bermuda for the June, July and August bite, but this pandemic still has everything screwed up and scheduling just wont allow it this year. So, for all of you guys that live and fish on the wonderful island of Bermuda, thanks for making life easier for the transient boats and crews. There nothing like it