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boat crew headed out to sea

Ive witnessed a few crew changes over the last several months on some pretty nice sportfishing boats. Let face it, crew turnover is inevitable. Sometimes a mate will take a job opportunity to try his luck at the helm. Other times a mate will be fired or quit for one reason or another. Maybe an owner will fire his captain and mate at the same time hoping for a fresh start. Whatever the circumstance, it is a small world in this business. At times like these, it seems everyone has an opinion or theory on why so-and-so got fired or quit. It becomes quite dramatic, akin to the Housewives on the Waterfront with all the dock talk. [% oiopub-banner-23-center %] I know when my mates wanted to try their hand at being the big skipper, feeling they could better themselves after years on the deck, I would encourage the move and try to help them succeed by doing whatever I could to assist. I felt their success was a reflection on me. Ive also seen the other side of that coin where a captain would offer little support, and almost hope for failure. However, it when someone gets fired that the real gossip starts. Crews speculate and ruminate on why and what they believe must have happened but all along really not knowing the facts about anything. What worse is when the person who gets fired spreads rumors and total falsehoods about the owner or his family or insinuates things that are far from the truth. When that happens, it starts a stampede of hearsay. What the young crews dont understand is just how small this industry is. When word gets around of the rumors theyve spread, and it will, it can come back and bite them. This scenario can ruin the chance of getting a job on another rig all because they were running their mouth trying to make themselves look good. Look¦if it doesnt work out the best thing you can do as a crew is shake the owner hand, thank him/her for the opportunity and say, Sorry it didnt work out. You dont need to explain to anyone what happened, because it really no one else business. If someone asks, just say that it didnt work out, and move on. Ive had several different jobs over the last 40+ years and each time it was better than before. I didnt burn any bridges and I made it a point to never speak negative about the previous owner. I said Thanks, and moved on. People often asked what happened, and Id just say it didnt work out, but it all good! It pretty easy to tell the crews that arent going to last very long just by the way they handle themselves around the docks. So, if you want to stay in the business, and you get fired, dont run your mouth. Youll only end up discrediting yourself in the eyes of a lot of people. Just move on quietly and respectfully or youll quickly find out how tight knit and small the sportfishing community really is. Once you get that monkey on your back, which was caused by running your mouth, it very hard to shake it. The next potential job might be harder to find than you ever imagined. Be humble, shut your mouth, and move on. Everyone deserves a second chance, just dont let running your mouth close the door on the next opportunity for you