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The New Raymarine Cyclone—Designed to Find Fish Faster

Raymarine has changed the marine radar game again with the new Cyclone solid-state open array. Finding fish has never been easier, and a radar array has never performed so well or looked so good. With its ultimate expression of design, rugged performance, and unmatched situational awareness, Cyclone gives mariners the confidence to tackle the harshest conditions, gain the upper hand in the hunt for fish, and navigate busy waterways with confidence.
Anglers will love the Cyclone cutting-edge fish-finding technology. Tuned for locating sea birds, Enhanced Cyclone Bird Mode uses CHIRP pulse compression technology to allow Cyclone to intelligently optimize gain and tune settings for imaging distant sea birds, because where there are birds, there are fish. Get the ultimate 360-degree situational awareness with fast 60 RPM rotational speed, and multiple target-tracking technologies.
Doppler target tracking simplifies the interpretation of dangerous and safe targets for added safety, while professional grade ARPA target tracking automatically tracks up to 50 targets using the same technology trusted by the United States Coast Guard. Finally, Range Fusionâ„¢ technology combines short and long pulses into the single high clarity radar image, delivering exceptional short-range and long-range targets simultaneously. The Cyclone is a feat of product design as well. Engineered for extremes with best-in-class100-knot wind rating, and measuring in at 13.1 inches (335 mm) tall, Cyclone lower profile allows greater flexibility of boat architecture and more adaptable installation options.

Raymarine Cyclone Editorial eNewsCyclone radars are available with a 3, 4 or 6-foot antenna array and two high-power output options with the Cyclone Pro. The new Raymarine Cyclone has everything mariners and anglers want in their marine radar. Learn more here

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