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Building a Sportfishing Dream Team

A good fishing team requires a good work environment. This means a team with a mindset that they’re going to do whatever it takes to be the best in every aspect of every situation that has to do with the boat. For instance, the rigging, the fishing and the maintenance. Now, that’s a team that’s going to be hard to beat!

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? But it’s not that easy to find that “dream team.” The old saying, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch, is true. A good team is like a well-oiled machine. One part of a team with a bad attitude can bring down the morale of the whole team. It starts with the owner, who puts his trust in

the captain. The captain’s word is the law. He’s the one in charge of the multimillion-dollar operation and should demand respect from his crew but also, in return, give his crew respect. No one on the team should have to tiptoe around another team member for fear of making them mad or upset. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has a “bad day” now and then. However, that “bad day” should be kept to yourself. Suck it up. As we say in the trade, “clap and smile.” Don’t bring your problems to the boat. Good teams work together. They even think alike with one goal in mind: to be the best at whatever they’re doing.

What use is a dysfunctional team? I have never put up with it and never will. A dysfunctional team is mediocre at best. So you captains that find yourself in this situation, take charge and command before things get out of hand. Maybe it’s time for a crew change.

A compliment goes much further than a “jab” at building that dream team, believe me!

Owners can bring down a team too. They need to be reminded of the countless hours that their teams put in during the season. This is no 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. job. It is 24 hours/7 days a week. Every weekend. Every holiday. Crews miss family birthdays, school performances, weddings and many other things due to nonstop fishing and cruising. They are giving 100%. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But when the season slows and the crews finally have a chance to breathe, let them breathe. Don’t be an owner that breathes down their neck “checking on them.” As long as your boat is in perfect condition, cut them some slack. Don’t create an unpleasant work environment. Keep in mind that the new season is just around the corner. A compliment goes much further than a “jab” at building that dream team, believe me!

That’s my two-minute warning. Fraz

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