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To post a new job, you must first purchase a job package. After you purchase one of the packages listed below you'll be able to post your job.
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InTheBite Crew Finder Services

First-Ever to Specialize in Sportfishing Crew Finders

With over 20 years in the sportfishing industry, we have a real understanding of the job market. That’s why we’ve made it our goal at InTheBite to help find you the best possible sportfishing crew. The new InTheBite Crew Finder Service provides employers and crew the opportunity to connect with well qualified candidates.

“One of our biggest opportunities in the industry is to help boat owners match up with the best crew. Too often a boat owner will hire a captain based on a casual recommendation which can easily turn into a misaligned working relationship and disappointment for one or both parties. Our services provide each client with a more thorough crew finder process which results in candidates who are best suited to the specific skills and expectations of the boat owner or captain,” says Dale Wills, founder of InTheBite Crew Finder Services.


“The InTheBite Careers Job Board was a big help. I received several qualified applications per day and it worked really well to get the word out. I hired a good mate as a result.”

Captain Jon McIntyre 62’ Viking Reel Easy

Key features of InTheBite Crew Finder Services include:

  • Provides clients with pre-screened and qualified crew
  • Saves owners and captains valuable time from looking over resumes
  • Assists in scheduling interviews and follow up
  • Uses our 20+ years of knowledge to help you during the process

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