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Hawaiin Billfish Series Kona Shootout Results


  During the 3 day event with 14 boats, a total of 29 blue marlin and 7 shortbill spearfish were tagged and released. A 162lb ahi topped the board for heaviest ahi.Northern Lights Rich and Marjorie Gaines fishing on the Northern Lights with Capt. Kevin Nakamaru won the event by tagging and releasing five blue marlins. The five fish sweep the awards and cash for first place, a Bodo Muche bronze sculpture, two high points daily, high point tournament, as well as the invitation to the Offshore World Championship event in Quepos, Costa Rica in spring of 2016. The second place position went to Huntress with Capt. Steve Epstein at the helm and angler Brian Isherwood. They completed the tournament with four tags to take the second place Bodo Muche sculpture, the Northern Light generators gift certificate and a high points daily award. Third place went to Lightspeed with Capt. Rob Ellyn, who pulled one out of the hat in the last half hour by catching a double header totaling four blues for the tournament and overtaking the Kila Kila. Kona shootout pic