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Showtime Wins Fishheads Quickie Sailfish Tournament

November 28, 2017 Stuart, Florida  The Fish Heads “Quickie” is underway with 17 boats. Stay tuned for updates and what we all hope is the beginning of a great Florida sailfish season. November 29, 2017 Thank you to all that participated in Fish Heads of Stuart Quickie! It was a great few days! Cheers to the entire fleet for your tireless efforts. 3rd place goes to Challenge, 2nd place Miss Victoria and 1st Showtime! Nice work and cheers to the kickoff of the season!! 3:30PM update for the 2nd Day of the Fish Heads of Stuart Quickie Total 28 Fa La Me 1 Cowpoke 4 Vintage 1 Challenge 4 Lisa K 1 Alikai 3 Lo Que Sea 1 Showtime! 3 Miss Victoria 1 Martha D 3 Sea Hag 2 Floridian 1 Rebel 2 Old No. 7 1 3PM update for the Fish Heads of Stuart Quickie Total 35 Challenge 4 Old No. 7 1 Lisa K 2 Floridian 1 Vintage 3 Showtime! 6 Cowpoke 2 Miss Victoria 7 Sea Hag 2 Martha D 1 Champagne Lady 2 Rebel 2 Alikai 2   Click here for live updates