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The State of the Mate: Regional Experts Assess the Evolution of the Modern Deckhand

Like almost every industry, the current sportfishing landscape looks completely different than it did 40 years ago. While time changes everything all of the time, in the last five years alone advances in technology and equipment have inspired the development of outcome-driven techniques, altering the state of the mate in a particularly impactful way. With the widespread adoption of innovation, the individuals involved in our sport have changed as well, be it for better or for worse. We all know the importance of having a competent crew. The vast majority of sportfishing operations employ a captain and at least one mate to even leave and return to the slip safely, not to mention rig baits and tackle, clean the boat and accommodate the day’s fishing group among many other integral tasks. To further address the mate profession through anecdotal accounts, I interviewed esteemed captains around the country for a deeper understanding regarding workforce training, leadership development, crew longevity and how things have changed over the years. When it comes to the dependence on technology, work ethic and perseverance of millennials, everyone loves to speculate… Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to our digital issue today Subscribe Now