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Become the Charter Captain You’ve Always Wanted To Be With FishingBooker

Before Capt. Kurt Jeter found FishingBooker, he always knew he wanted to run his own charter business — it just took him a while to get there! An ex-Marine who spent 20 years working in the construction industry, he decided to change his life around after an eye-opening conversation with his wife.

Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic during their daily commute, he wondered out loud why people subjected themselves to this every day. “Without hesitation, my wife looked directly at me and said, ‘Because they’re afraid to take a risk.’ That was it. I took a risk.”

He decided to list his charter business on FishingBooker, and within the first summer, he’d received 213 bookings, and was running three or four trips a day. “It was like turning on a faucet. The bookings started coming in,” he says. Now, he works as a charter operator full-time — although, in his own words, “It hasn’t felt like work!” Feeling ready to make a change? Sign up on FishingBooker now and get those bookings rolling in.

FishingBooker user Capt. Kurt Jeter
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