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High-Performance Sunscreen for Fishermen

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Introducing Watermans Sunscreen – the ultimate solution for sun protection, tailor-made for athletes and adventurers, including avid fishermen who often find themselves under the scorching sun for extended periods. Watermans has not only raised the bar but set a new standard in sun protection, thanks to a collaborative effort with athletes and dermatologists.

What sets Watermans apart is their commitment to clinical testing, ensuring that their sunscreen not only meets but exceeds its SPF rating. This means you can trust Watermans Sunscreen to provide exceptional coverage even during the most prolonged sun exposure. Say goodbye to constant reapplications and hello to uninterrupted fishing sessions.

Watermans Sunscreen takes sweat resistance to a whole new level. Whether you’re battling a tough catch or a rigorous outdoor adventure, you can count on its superior formula to stay put, offering unwavering protection throughout your day. No more worrying about sweat washing away your sunblock.

For those who value their health and the environment, Watermans Sunscreen is crafted with micronized mineral protection, which not only shields you from harmful UV rays but is also gentle on your skin. Plus, the fragrance-free formula ensures that you can enjoy your time outdoors without any overpowering scents.

Designed to cater to the needs of individuals who embrace the outdoor life, Watermans Sunscreen is a game-changer for anglers and adventurers alike. Don’t compromise on your skin’s safety while doing what you love; trust Watermans to keep you protected.

To learn more about Watermans Sunscreen and explore their range of high-performance sun protection products, visit their official website at Elevate your outdoor experiences with the sunscreen that goes the extra mile in protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays.

As seen in our September 2023 issue of InTheBite Sportfishing Magazine


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