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Shimano Redefines the Latest Talica Lever-Drag Reels

Shimano, a name synonymous with precision and innovation in the fishing industry, has unveiled the latest update in their esteemed lineup – the enhanced Talica conventional lever-drag reels. These new additions represent enhanced design and performance, catering to the needs of anglers seeking the ultimate edge in their fishing experiences.

The standout feature of the new Talica reels is their innovative drag system, meticulously engineered to deliver higher drag force while significantly reducing side-load pressure. This technology translates to smoother and lighter rotations, especially when battling powerful adversaries under extreme drag settings. It’s a game-changer for those targeting big game fish, where every ounce of control matters.

Shimano’s commitment to durability is further exemplified with the integration of X-Protect technology. This advanced feature enhances water resistance, ensuring that your reel remains dependable even in harsh, wet conditions. Remarkably, this heightened durability doesn’t compromise the reel’s signature lightweight and responsive feel, providing anglers with the best of both worlds.

For those who prefer fishing with light fluorocarbon leaders or monofilament lines, the Talica reels come equipped with a Light Line Drag Cam. This addition offers versatility by providing a lower drag curve, ideal for handling delicate setups without compromising precision.

Crafted with a HAGANE Body made of highly rigid aluminum, these new Talica reels also address weight concerns without sacrificing strength. The rigid construction minimizes reel body flex, translating to maximum power during those intense battles.

Discover the evolution of fishing excellence with Shimano’s latest Talica IIA conventional lever-drag reels.

To explore the full range and experience fishing at its finest, visit Shimano North America’s official website at

As seen in our September 2023 issue of InTheBite Sportfishing Magazine

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